David O'Donohue

Clinical Psychologist

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photo of David I'm David O'Donohue, a clinical psychologist. I am not accepting new clients at this stage.

Existing clients can make appointments through the booking page. If you have any questions or need assistance booking an appointment, please feel free to reach out to me directly at pendulumpsychology@gmail.com.

About me

I have always been interested in how our minds work. They are a complex system of thoughts, feelings, and impulses, from which such a diverse range of patterns of perception and behaviour emerge. I also find interpersonal connection, emotional attunement, and equanimity to emotions to be highly rewarding.

I am very interested in some of the paradoxes of mental health: the more we try to eliminate uncertainty, the more uncertain we feel; the more we crave authentic connections, the less authentic our connections seem; the more we strive for perfection, the more flawed we feel; the more we try to control our cravings, the more overpowering they become; the more we try to suppress our distress, the more intense and pervasive it becomes; the more we seek happiness in external achievements, the less fulfilled we feel; the harder we fight our emotions, the stronger they seem to grip us; and the more we try to protect ourselves from or avoid a particular situation, the more often we find ourselves facing that very situation.

This psychological interest is complemented by an interest in taoism, particularly the ancient observation that many things which appear to be opposites are actually interdependent, and exist in a dynamic equilibrium. Pushing something in a particular direction can sometimes result in the opposite occurring. This observation is, in fact, part of the basis of my practice name.

About My Approach

I take a client-centered, non-directive approach to therapy. This means that I don't bring an agenda to sessions, and am instead guided by what each client is looking for. I aim to fully understand each client, from their perspective, with all of the complex and often contradictory thoughts and feelings that come from living in an uncertain world. In doing so, I hope to provide a safe space for exploration, self-insight, and internal harmony.

Drawing from a range of emotion-focused and insight-based therapeutic approaches, I view psychological progress as a journey towards feeling safe enough to think flexibly about our past, present, and future. However, I don't see it as my place to "correct" anything the mind is doing, and instead try to collaboratively understand what it is doing, and why. Often, when we understand the different parts of our mind, we can either more clearly see a resolution that comes from within, or are more willing to accept the help our mind is trying to give us.

I genuinely believe that every thought, feeling, or impulse a person has, even conflicting ones, makes sense in a certain context. This means that instead of judging or pathologising a person's experience, I can be open to understanding it.

Psychological Services

I offer psychological therapy to adult clients (clients aged 18 and over) for a broad range of presentations, including presentations consistent with anything from complex trauma and eating disorders, to anxiety and depression.

I do not offer psychological assessments or medico-legal reports. I also do not offer therapeutic services to clients under the age of 18.